Design Your Own Engagement Ring Online

Why you should design an engagement ring online.

Author: David

Seriously. If you are looking to get an engagement ring, the right thing to do in today’s times would be to make it yourself. In this era of customization, no one wants to use a ring that looks very common and beaten by design. And to make the customization process extra easy, there is the option of designing your own ring online, so that you can experiment and see your creation unfold right in front of your eyes.

Trying out designing your ring online has multiple advantages.

- You don’t need to experiment at your local jewelry store and waste money on a wrong design. Even when you ask your jeweler to rework a minor part of the design, he’s gonna charge you and also add the wastage to your bill. Online, you can just click a couple of buttons and the entire make of the ring is changed! - When you go to your local jeweler, you might not have access to all the different kinds of metals and stones to mix and match. However, that challenge does not arise online, and you can try out different combination's, and even match the ring to the finger size of your fiancĂ© right on your screen.

- The most challenging part of designing an engagement ring is choosing the right kind of side stones to match the ring and the occasion. While that is not possible offline, you can try out hundreds of veritable combinations on your computer and zero in on the one you actually like.

- Popular sites like ‘Diamonds on Web’ usually come out with various kinds of offers when you pick up certain combinations. Like for instance, the current offer running on the site is of getting a flat 30% off on gold side setting when you pick up a diamond of your choice. That is serious savings! You can learn more about the offer here. There are actually many more reasons why you should consider designing your engagement ring online, but these should do! And coming to the pricing, there is quite a bit of savings that you will end up making when you design your ring online.

We came across a few stores (in the real world) which allow customers to pick a stone, a base metal, and side setting. But then, they charged on actuals, and by the time customers find the ring they actually like, the invoice value will leave them gasping for breath. It is a known fact that buying diamonds and rings online from reputed sites enable the customer to make a significant saving on their invoice amount. And the interesting thing is that customers can pay the same amount for a ring with a better diamond, or a better design! That is what most of the people do anyway, as they come pre-prepared with a ballpark figure in their mind.

Anyway, buying online also enables the customers to pay in installments. For instance, Diamonds on Web allows the customers to pay 20% of the total bill value up front and take the rest of the amount in six monthly payments. The financing charge is as less as 4%. This option would not be available if you buy at your local store. While buying diamonds online, there are a few other intangible benefits as well, like free lifetime upgrade offer. You can choose to upgrade your diamond any time. There is a life time guarantee, and all you will be charged for is the difference in amount.

So, if you buy a diamond worth 500$ today, and after a few months or years, you choose to upgrade your diamond, all you need to do is trade in the current diamond with its original certificate and if the new diamond is worth 750$, you will only be charged 250$! This offer is valid for life. Similarly, there is a 30 day unconditional money back guarantee, which you won’t find anywhere else. All of this is in addition to the huge price savings (which can be as high as 70% when compared to the regular street price).

So, what are you waiting for? Log on to and try out designing an engagement ring. Trying is for free! Get your creative juices flowing now!

Now that you see the advantages of shopping for engagement rings online, it's time to take the plunge. A jewelry store can only hold so many samples, but online you have a bigger variety and you will find engagement ring designs you won't see in stores. Try it out Today!