Asha Diamond Engagement Rings

Better Than Diamond has created a diamond simulant entitled the diamond-infused Asha. These simulations of diamonds are different than other simulants due to their use of pure carbon diamond bonds in the makeup. Hand cutting and polishing are combined with a process of amorphous diamond infusion to create this shiny bling. The result of this is a simulated diamond that comes as close to the real thing as possible without the enormous price tag. In layman's terms, you get the beauty of a natural diamond for less.

Asha diamond engagement rings come in a variety of styles and settings. The rings are hand matched for the most compelling diamond and shank combination with custom parts and a comfort fit so that the experience of the wear matches the beauty of the stone. After all, you don't want to sacrifice beauty for comfort as the ring will be on your finger for the rest of you life.

The Hearts and Arrows cut Asha is the latest and hand cut to standards that round diamonds can never reach. The idea of hearts and arrows is that all cuts be aligned perfectly in both size and placement on the ring, for maximum brilliance.

The crown or top of the round diamond is what determines the amount of light a ring puts out into the rainbow colors. The bottom or pavilion is what controls the amount of light those looking at the diamond see. This gives it the sparkle. While the average diamond only gives off sixty-eight percent of the light taken into it the hearts and arrow cut gives off up to ninety-eight percent of the light.

A natural diamond round stone will produce a whirl pattern that is not uniform. The cut is not all it should be. With a hearts and arrows cut there is a crisp pattern that indicates that the stone has been cut to increase reflective light.

The money and effort required are the main reasons that more stones do not have this type of cut. An ordinary cut only takes about two hours to produce where as a Hearts and Arrows cut will take as few as eight hours or up to several days.

Asha diamond engagement rings are assembled after they are ordered and can be customized to the specific ring size. Asha diamonds engagement rings will give you a lifetime of joy and beauty and allow you to have enough money left over to put a down payment on a car or pay the deposit for the band playing at your wedding.

The author just celebrated her one year anniversary and sports a beautiful ascher cut ring. She and her husband put together the website: to help you find the perfect ring.